About Us

"Going Green" has not been a recent trend at GreenWize Energy Solutions. We have been serving multiple industries with energy management solutions for almost 20 years. In those 20 years we have seen energy saving fads come and go. Not wanting to be part of another fad, we have based our solutions and strategies on time tested and proven technologies that we know will save energy, maintain a service-free life, and will qualify for most electric utility rebates. Our reputation has been built on providing the most energy efficient technologies with service free product life.

GreenWize Energy Solutions' product line includes EMS building controls, anti-sweat heater controls, EC motor fan controls, and night covers. We offer turnkey solutions that also include EC motors, LED case lights (with or without dimming controls), and LED merchandiser lights. We are also very proud to stand behind our products by providing an industry leading 3-year replacement warranty on all of its manufactured product line.

Via our iWize application, we can also conduct a quick, but very thorough examination of your facility and perform an in-depth energy audit to identify energy management opportunities that offer quick paybacks. We will determine which technologies qualify for utility rebates and provide rebate information where applicable.

We have thousands of customers across the US who have participated in energy efficiency upgrades. Most of which have taken advantage of electric utility rebates or incentives that help offset the initial cost of the project and further reduce the payback. Our network of distributors, dealers and in-field representatives will provide you with a comprehensive audit, a clear and understandable proposal of the recommended solutions, and can assist or administrate the rebate paperwork for you.

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